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Jan 29, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary f11

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

face value 面值;票面价值
facility letter 提供贷款通知书;贷款确认书
Fact Sheet 《股市资料》
factor analysis 因素分析
factor cost 要素成本;生产要素成本
factor market 生产要素市场
factor of production 生产要素
factor price 要素价格;生产要素价格
factor system 因素计算法
factoring company 代理融通公司;代理收帐公司
facultative reinsurance business 临时再保险业务
Faculty of Actuaries of Scotland 苏格兰精算师学院
fair dealing 公平交易
fair market value 公平市值
fair return 合理利润;合理收入
fall back 回落
false accounting 伪造帐户
false claim of business expenses 虚报营业开支
false entry 虚假记项;虚假记录
false market 假市
family income 家庭收入
family living expenses 家庭生活开支
family-owned company 家族公司
Far East Exchange 远东交易所
Far Eastern Economic Review 《远东经济评论》
Far Eastern Relief Fund 远东赈济基金
fast market 快市;速动市场
fast trading 交投畅旺
favourable balance 顺差
favourable balance of trade 贸易顺差
Federal funds [United States] 联邦基金〔美国〕
Federal funds rate 联邦基金利率
Federal National Mortgage Association [United States] 联邦国民抵押协会〔美国〕
Federal Open Market Committee [FOMC] [United States] 联邦公开市场委员会〔美国〕
Federal Reserve Board [FRB] [United States] 联邦储备局〔联储局〕〔美国〕
Federal Reserve System [Fed] [United States] 联邦储备系统〔美国〕
Federal Reserve Wire Network [Fedwire] [United States] 联邦储备系统通讯网络〔美国〕
Federation Internationale des Bourses de Valeurs [FIBV] 国际证券交易所联会
Federation of Share Registrars 证券登记公司总会
fee collection procedure 收费程序
fee payable 应缴费用
fees and charges 费用及收费
fees and receipts other than appropriation-in-aid 不包括补助拨款的收费及收入
fellow subsidiary 同集团附属公司
Fidelity Fund 互保基金
fiduciary 受信人;受托人
fiduciary capacity 受信人身份;受托人资格
fiduciary duty 受信责任
fiduciary issue 信用发行
fiduciary loan 信用放款;信用贷款
field audit 实地审查〔税务〕
Field Audit Group [Inland Revenue Department] 实地审核组〔税务局〕
field audit staff 实地审计人员;实地核数人员
final account 决算帐户;最后结算
final and conclusive assessment 最终决定性的评税
final assessment 最后评税
final consumption expenditure 最终消费开支
final dividend 末期股息;末期摊还债款
final estimate 最终估计
final estimate of gross domestic product 本地生产总值的最后估计数

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