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Jan 22, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary c32

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

combined surplus 合并盈余
combined visible and invisible trade account 有形及无形贸易合并帐目
COMEX Clearing Association [New York] 商品交易所结算协会〔纽约〕
commemoration coin 具纪念性的硬币
commencement of winding-up 清盘开始
commerce and industry sub-index 工商分类指数
commercial activity 商业活动
commercial bank 商业银行
Commercial Bank Act of Norway 《挪威商业银行法》
Commercial Banks Law 《商业银行法》
commercial borrowing 商业借款
Commercial Code of Japan 《日本商法》
Commercial Crime Bureau [Hong Kong Police Force] 商业罪案调查科〔香港警务处〕
commercial invoice 商业发票
commercial letter of credit 商业信用证
commercial loan 商业贷款;商业放款
commercial paper 商业票据
commercial paper market 商业票据市场
commercial registry 商业登记处
commercial return 商业回报
commercial sale 商业销售
commercialization 商品化
commercially viable 具商业利益;有利可图
Commerzbank AG 西德商业银行
commission 佣金;委员会
Commission des Operations de Bourse of France 法国证券事务监察委员会
commission house 佣金行;代办行
commission payable 须付的佣金
commission rebate 佣金回扣
Commissioner for Securities and Commodities Trading 证券及商品交易监理专员〔证监专员〕
Commissioner of Banking 银行监理专员〔银监专员〕
Commissioner of Estate Duty 遗产税署署长
Commissioner of Inland Revenue 税务局局长
Commissioner of Insurance 保险业监理专员
Commissioner of Rating and Valuation 差饷物业估价署署长
commitment 承担;已承担的开支;承担额;承担项目
commitment fee 承诺费
Committee of the Hong Kong Association of Banks 香港银行公会委员会
Committee of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong 香港联合交易所委员会
Committee on Banking Regulations and Supervisory Practices 银行规例及监察事务委员会
Committee on Payment System [Hong Kong Monetary Authority] 支付系统委员会〔香港金融管理局〕
Committee on Unit Trusts [Securities and Futures Commission] 单位信托委员会〔证券及期货事务监察委员会〕
Commodities Dealers' Deposit Fund 商品交易商按金基金
Commodities Trading Commission 商品交易事务监察委员会
commodity 商品
commodity classification 商品分类
Commodity Clearing Corporation [New York] 商品结算公司〔纽约〕
commodity dealer 商品交易人
commodity exchange 商品交易所
Commodity Exchange Compensation Fund 商品交易所赔偿基金
Commodity Exchange, Inc. [New York] 商品交易所有限公司〔纽约〕
commodity flow method 商品流动法;商品流通法
Commodity Future Trading Commission [CFTC] [United States] 商品期货交易委员会〔美国〕
commodity futures contract 商品期货合约
commodity market 商品市场
commodity tax 商品税

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