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Jan 21, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary b23

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

beneficial owner 实益拥有人
beneficial ownership 实益拥有权
beneficial shareholding 实益股份
beneficially interested 享有实质权益
beneficially owned 实益拥有
beneficially owned share 实益股份
beneficiary 受益人;受惠人;受款人;受惠国
beneficiary under a trust 信托受益人
benefit 利益;福利;津贴;保险赔偿费
benefit of contract 合约利益
Bergen Bank 卑尔根银行
best lending rate 最优惠贷款利率
Best Practice Guide 《最佳执行指引》
Best Practice Guide on Financial Disclosure by Authorized Institutions 《认可机构披露财务资料的最佳执行指引》
bet 投注
beta coefficient 贝他系数;投资风险与股市风险系数
bets and sweeps tax 博彩及彩票税
betterment 不动产增值;修缮经费
betterment income 资产增值收入
betterment profit 以资产增值方法计算的利润额
betting duty 博彩税
bid 叫价;出价;投标;提出拨款申请;买盘
bid price 买价;投标价格;收购价
bid rate 买价;投标价;拆入息率
bidder 竞投人;竞标人
BII Finance Company Limited 印尼国际财务有限公司
bilateral agreement 双边协议;双边协定
bilateral meeting 双边会议
bilateral netting agreement 双边净额结算协议
bilateral repurchase agreement 双边回购协议
bill 票据;帐单;汇票;条例草案
bill acceptance 票据承兑
bill broker 票据经纪
bill discounting company 票据贴现公司
bill for clearing 交换票据;结算票据
bill in a set 汇票联票
bill of exchange 汇票
bill of lading [B/L] 提单
bill of sale [B/S] 卖据;动产抵押据
bill payable after sight 见票后付款汇票;见票即付汇票
bill payable on demand 凭票要求付款的汇票
bill purchased 出口押汇;买入票据
bill receivable 应收票据
Bills of Exchange Law 《票据法》
blank endorsement 空白背书;不记名背书
blanket insurance 总括保险;综合保险;统保
blanket policy 总括保险单;统保单;综合保单
block 交易单位〔证券〕;大宗股票;集团
block allocation 整体拨款;整笔拨款
block capital grant 整笔非经常补助金
block discount policy 折扣统保单
block grant 整笔补助金
block grant system 整笔补助金制度
block offer [securities] 整批发售〔证券〕
block vote 整体拨款
blue chip 蓝筹股;优质股票
board lot 交易单位;上牌单位;
Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund 国际货币基金组织理事会
Board of Governors of the World Bank 世界银行理事会
Board of Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited 香港期货交易所有限公司董事局

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