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Dec 13, 2009

Korean War Veterans Memorial(韩战纪念碑)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services - based in Harbin,China.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial was authorized by Public Law 99-572 on Oct. 28, 1986 "…to honor members of the United States Armed Forces who served in the Korean War, particularly those who were killed in action(战斗中、行动中)…" The law established an advisory board of 12 veterans appointed by the president to coordinate all aspects of the memorial’s construction. The site is located adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial and directly across the reflecting pool from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.
There are 19 statues sculpted by Frank Gaylord of Barre, Vt., and cast by Tallix Foundries of Beacon, N.Y. They are approximately 7’3" tall, heroic scale and consist of 14 Army, 3 Marines, 1 Navy, 1 Air Force. They represent an ethnic cross section(横断面) of America with 12 Caucasian(高加索人、白种人), 3 African American, 2 Hispanic(西班牙和葡萄牙人), 1 Oriental(东方人), 1 Indian (Native American,印第安人).
The juniper(刺柏) bushes are meant to be symbolic of the rough terrain encountered in Korea, and the granite stripes(花岗岩条石) of the obstacles overcome in the war. The Marines in column(纵队) have the helmet chin straps fastened and helmet covers. Three of the Army statues are wearing paratrooper boots and all equipment is authentic from the Korean War era (when the war started most of the equipment was WWII issue).
Three of the statues are in the woods, so if you are at the flagpole looking through the troops, you can't tell how many there are, and could be legions emerging from the woods. The statues are made of stainless steel, a reflective material(反光材质) that when seen in bright sunlight causes the figures to come to life. The blowing ponchos(斗篷) give motion to the column, so you can feel them walking up the hill with the cold winter wind at their backs, talking to one another. At nighttime the fronts of the statues are illuminated with a special white light; the finer details of the sculpture are clearly seen and the ghosts appear(亡灵显现).

第二部分是一座黑色的花岗岩纪念墙。上面隐现着浅浅蚀刻的许多士兵的面容,都是依据韩战新闻照片中美军士兵的真实记录。纪念墙是磨光的,开阔地塑像群因此而映射在墙面上。随著人们脚步移动,两组形象便流动地、互为背景地融合在一起。让人们仿佛置身于硝烟弥漫、血肉横飞的战场。纪念墙的尽头是整个纪念园的点睛之笔“freedom is not free(自由总需要代价)”。

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