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Apr 15, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-The New York Times

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- news translation)

Economy Grows Nearly 1% in Europe

France and Germany leading the way, the economy in the 12 nations that use the Euro currency grew at its fastest quarterly rate since 2000, a development that is expected to fortify the resolve of the European Central Bank to raise interest rates again this year.

The gross domestic product of the nations grew 0.9 percent from April to June compared with the previous quarter, Eurostat, the statistics agency of the
European Union, reported Monday. Growth has recently mostly reflected strong exports, but the latest figure received a lift from business investment and consumers whose reluctance to spend has been the hallmark of the slow recovery.

The German economy, where households have been the most tightfisted, also grew 0.9 percent.

“Domestic demand is doing its job, finally,” said Erik Nielsen, chief Europe economist with
Goldman Sachs. “We finally have a little drive from something other than exports, which is good.”

The data broadly confirmed figures released by various countries over much of the last week, most recently France on Friday. Though overall growth is accelerating in the Euro region, it is uneven, with France growing at a rate of 1.1 percent to 1.2 percent in the quarter, and Italy lagging at 0.5 percent.

The precise details of the growth pattern are not yet available, but economists said that data on retail sales in Germany points toward strong consumption, as does a fall in unemployment. Business confidence surveys, though they have come off their peaks of earlier this year, are still in line with strong growth.

“The situation on the labor market has noticeably improved,” said Michael Glos, the German economics minister. “Therefore, the prospects for the year are exceptionally positive.”

European Commission on Monday raised its estimate for growth in the third quarter to 0.5 percent to 0.9 percent, slightly higher than it projected in July.

But the commission cut its forecast to a range of 0.4 percent to 0.9 percent for the fourth quarter, a period when many economists said they expected the softening economy in the United States to drag on European growth.

欧洲经济增长近1 %


这些国家的国内生产总值在4月至6月期间,与上一季度相比增长了0.9 % ,Eurostat欧盟统计局周一报道。经济的增长在很大程度上反映了近期强劲的出口势头,但是最新的数据也反映出商业投资及消费的上扬,而消费者不愿意支出一直是经济复苏缓慢的标志。

虽然德国家庭一直都是最节俭的,但是德国经济也增长了0.9 % 。

“内需终于起作用了,”高盛公司的首席欧洲经济学家Erik Nielsen说,“除了出口,我们终于有了其他的经济驱动力,这是一件好事。”

该数据进一步验证了最近一周欧洲各国公布的统计数据,其中法国是在周五公布的。虽然欧元地区总体经济增长正在加速,但是并不平衡,如法国的季度增长率为1.1 %至1.2 % ,而意大利则停滞于0.5 % 。


“劳动力市场状况明显改善,”德国经济部长Michael Glos说, “因此今年的前景非常乐观。”

欧洲委员会在周一调高了第三季度的增长预期,从0.5 %升至0.9 % ,略高于其在七月份作出的预期。

但是该委员会调低了第四季度的增长预期,为0.4 %至0.9 % ,许多经济学家预测,在这一时期美国经济的疲软将减缓欧洲经济的增长。

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