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Jan 23, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary c41

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

Compensation Review Committee 赔偿检讨(评审)委员会
compensation scheme 赔偿计划
compensation trade 补偿贸易
compensation value 补偿值
compensatory payment 补偿付款
competition and pricing strategy 竞争与定价策略
competitive edge 竞争优势
competitive price 具竞争力的价格
competitive tender 竞争性投标
Compliance Committee [Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited] 监察委员会〔香港联合交易所有限公司〕
component of expenditure 开支组成部分
Composite Consumer Price Index 综合消费物价指数
composite index 综合指数
composite rating 综合评级
composite return form 综合报税表
Composite Securities and Futures Bill 《证券及期货综合条例草案》
composite tax return 综合报税表
composition 合成物;组合成分;债务重整协议
composition of earnings 收益组合成分(组成部分)
compound increase 复合增加率;复合增长率
compound interest 复利
compounding or arranging debtor 正就债务作重整或偿还安排的债务人
comprador note 买办票据
comprador order 买办付款令
comprehensive income tax 综合所得税
comptroller 审计主任
compulsory liquidation 强制清盘
compulsory winding-up 强制清盘
computation 计算;计算表
computational procedure 计算方法
computer audit programme 电脑审计程序;电脑核数程序
concentrated position 集中持仓
concentration risk 资金集中风险;集中融资风险
concept stock 概念股
concession 特许权;宽减措施
concession contract 特许经营权合同
concessionary rate 优惠率
concordat 协定;契约;国际监管条约
condition 条件
conditional endorsement 附有条件的背书
conditional offer 有条件要约
conditional sale agreement 有条件售卖协议
conditions of tender 投标章程
Conduct of Business Guidelines (for Licence Holders under the Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading Ordinance) 《业务操守指引──适用于根据〈杠杆式外汇买卖条例〉获发牌照的人士》
conduct of business standard 业务操守准则
Confidentiality Understandings 保密谅解文件
confirmation letter 确认书
confirmation of mail transfer 信汇证明书
Confirmation of Payment 已缴税证明书
confirmed letter of credit 保兑信用证
confirming bank 保兑银行
confiscation order 没收令
connected transaction 关连交易
consensus capitalism 共识资本主义
conservative investor 保守投资人
consideration 代价;对价;约因;报酬
consideration issue [listing method] 代价发行〔上市方式〕
consideration other than cash 现金以外的报酬
consignee 收货人;代售人
consignment 托运;寄送
consignor 付货人;托运人;寄售人
consolidated account 综合帐目;合并账目

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