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Jun 4, 2007

English to Chinese translation sample8--market-vol-surface

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese or Chinese to English translation services)
English-Chinese EN/CN
SD-MM Market Data portal provides an extremely wide variety of detailed spreadsheets that contain market implied volatilities for a range of strikes and deltas in both OTC and exchange conventions.

To obtain the volatility surface at all points including extremely out-of-the-money points, SD-MM VolSurface utilizes the SuperDerivatives benchmark pricing model, described by industry authorities as the “de-facto standard globally”.

Indeed, SD-MM VolSurface data is obtained as “snapshots” at many closing hours around the globe, of the tradable prices used within the SuperDerivatives real time pricing systems across all asset classes.

Wide Cross-Asset Coverage

SD-MM VolSurface provides accurate volatility and correlation data for the following asset classes:

FX – Over 130 currency pairs including all major (G7) and emerging markets. Market-implied correlation rates are available for highly illiquid currency pairs.

Interest Rates – in all currencies where interest rate markets exist from major currencies (G7) to emerging markets. Both swaptions and cap/floors as well as detailed underlying yield curve information.

Equities – comprehensive coverage of thousands of single stocks and indices in all major global exchanges. Separate spreadsheets are available per geographical region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan).

Commodities – energy products, precious and base metals, agriculture commodities in all global exchanges and markets.

Surface Detail and Range

SD-MM VolSurface delivers real market implied volatilities for an extremely wide range of strikes and deltas.

The strikes generally range from 1 delta Put to 1 delta Call and appear in several formats. For example in FX they appear also as 1 to 99 Delta Call (or Put) and are grouped in 5-Delta intervals for all option maturities
Grant Thornton standardizes on SuperDerivatives' platforms for Auditing and MiFID
Deloitte & Touche selects SuperDerivatives Revaluation Services for Fund Auditing

SD-MM VolSurface data is obtained as “snapshots” at many closing hours around the globe, of the tradable prices used within the SuperDerivatives real time pricing systems across all asset classes.

An equivalent strike-referenced scale is also available for stocks and indices covering 40% to 200% of current market price, depending on the maturities.

All standard benchmark tenors and maturities are covered from 1 day and on; in some assets (such as major currency swaptions) the tenors stretch all the way to 30 years.

For exchange traded instruments, both standard and exchanged-specified absolute-date maturities are used, supporting flexible use in both OTC and exchange markets. Each data point in the volatility surface shows both the strike and the market implied volatility.


为了在所有点(包括价外程度非常高的点)上获得波动率平面,SD-MM VolSurface运用被业内权威人士称作“全球标准”的SuperDerivatives基准定价模型。

事实上,SD-MM VolSurface的数据是全球众多交易地点收盘时,SuperDerivatives 的实时定价系统在所有资产类别中使用的可交易价格快照。

SD-MM VolSurface可以为以下资产提供准确的波动率和相关检验数据:
外汇-超过130种货币组合,囊括所有主要(七大工业国)和新兴的市场。 对于流动性极弱的货币组合,可以运用市场隐含相关比率分析。

利率-包括只要利率市场存在的所有币种,从主要的货币(七大工业国)到新兴市场的货币。 调期交易、上下设限交易以及主要收益曲线的详细信息。
股票-覆盖全球主要交易所的数千种股票和股指。 每个地区(北美、欧洲、亚太、日本)有独立的电子表格。


SD-MM VolSurface为种类繁多的协议价格和delta值提供市场隐含波动率指标。

协议价格范围从delta值为1的“看跌期权”到delta值为1的“看涨期权”,协议价格的形式也很多。 例如:对于外汇资产,协议价格也显示为Delta值1-99的看涨期权(或看跌期权),并且按照Delta值5分间隔分组,各种到期日的期权被统一处理。
Grant Thornton在SuperDerivatives的“审计”和“金融衍生品市场”平台上,实现运营标准化。
Deloitte & Touche选择SuperDerivatives的“重估服务”进行基金审计。

SD-MM VolSurface的数据是全球众多交易地点收盘时,SuperDerivatives 的实时定价系统在所有资产类别中使用的可交易价格快照。





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