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May 8, 2007

English to Chinese translation sample 6--About 3i and Growth Capital

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese or Chinese to English translation services)


After the first world war, the UK government went about setting up an investment fund focused on SMEs. A syndicate £10m was formed by a number of major banks, including the Bank of England. We set out to provide long term risk capital (growth capital) for UK SMEs where we bought up minority stakes in established businesses. William Piercy, an entrepreneur, later to become Lord Piercy, was selected to manage this operation and he invested £16m in the first year. By the 1960s we were a household name and had established a large UK regional network. 1967 First VC investment of £70 000 into Oxford Instruments. We formed our Oil & Gas team, which now has a team of over 100 members. With increased M&A activity and significant technological developments taking place, our business grew rapidly and by end of the decade we were making investments of £200m/yr. In 1984 we entered Europe setting up our first offices in France and Germany. The 80s was the decade for buyouts. Under the Thatcher government, many state owned enterprises became privatised. As businesses sold off their non performing/non core assets, Private Equity investors acquired these businesses and totally changed the shape of the industry, turning these businesses in to leading industry players. The 80s were also when we moved into the US to set up our VC business.

About 3i Growth Capital
Experienced and flexible
3i has been providing private equity solutions through minority investments to growing companies for over 60 years. Our approach is to invest €10m-€150m directly from our balance sheet. This enables us to provide flexible and tailored approaches to each of our investments.

A collaborative approach to value creation
We invest alongside majority shareholders of privately-owned companies to help create value. We aim to build relationships with our business partners based on mutual respect rather than control. Our experience allows us to deliver strategic advice and contacts to the businesses in which we invest – ultimately helping maximize value for all shareholders.

Growth Capital solutions
The range of situations we invest to support growing companies includes:

• Funding for acquisitions
• Investing to support organic growth
• Equity release provision for exiting shareholders
• Support for share restructuring
• De-gearing overstretched balance sheets to help support growth

Exceptional market access
3i’s Growth Capital business extends to teams based in Europe, Asia and the US. Through our international network we aim to provide local knowledge, experience, industry contacts and in-depth sector understanding. Our objective is to add unparalleled value to our business partnerships.

3i has provided over €6bn of Growth Capital funding for businesses over the last 10 years.

第 一次世界大战后,英国政府着手建立中小企业投资基金。 基金规模1000万英镑,由几家主要银行联合投资,其中包括英格兰银行。 我们开始向英国的中小企业提供长期风险资本(成长资本),以期在成熟企业中获得少量股份。 企业家William Piercy(后来成为Piercy勋爵)受聘管理该基金,他在第一年就投资了1600万英镑。 到1960年,我们成为家喻户晓的品牌并且建立了庞大的国内网络。 1967第一笔风险投资7万英镑投入到Oxford Instruments公司。 我们组建了自己的石油天然气团队,目前这个团队已超过100人。 随着并购活动增加和重大技术进步,我们迅速成长,在这十年的最后一年,年投资达2亿英镑。 1984我们进入欧洲,在法国和德国设立了第一批办事处。 80年代是买断的年代。 撒切尔政府期间,许多国有企业变为私有。 当国有企业出售其非运营资产(非核心资产)时,私有股权投资者逐渐获得了这些企业并彻底改变了行业态势,把它们变成行业领袖。 80年代我们还进军美国,开展了风险投资业务。

关于3i 的“成长资本”

经验丰富 方法灵活
3i 集团在60多年里一直采用向成长型企业少量注资的方法,提供私有股权投资方案。 直接向企业投资1千万至1亿5千万欧元, 这使我们可以灵活细致的处理每一笔投资。

我们和大股东一起投资私有企业,参与价值创造。 旨在基于相互信任而非操控,建立商业伙伴关系。 丰富的行业经验使我们有能力为被投资企业提供战略咨询,帮助他们建立战略关系—最终实现所有股东收益最大化。

我们在以下情况投资成长型企业 • 企业收购 • 组织发展投资 • 现有股东的股权释放准备金 • 股权重构 • 降低过渡负债,支持发展

3i“成长资本”的业务延伸到欧洲、亚洲和美国的管理团队。 通过国际网络,我们旨在提供有关当地的信息、经验、业务关系和对行业的深入理解。 我们的目标是为我们的商业伙伴关系增加无与伦比的价值。

多达60亿欧元 3i 集团在过去的10年中已经提供了超过60亿欧元的“成长资本”资金。

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