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Apr 22, 2007

English to Chinese translation sample 4--Projected Financials

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese or Chinese to English translation services)


Cash Flow

Many of our customers use Projected Financials to model future cash flow, to evaluate prospective acquisitions, to analyze the impact of strategic decisions, to evaluate mergers and acquisitions and to justify capital expenditures. They also use it to plan for new product development or new business ventures, to keep pace with growth and raise capital.

Cash flow forecasts
The impact of business events on cash flow and profitability usually occurs at a point in time, not gradually over time. To keep your model realistic, Projected Financials creates projections based on discrete events. That gives you valuable insight that's usually invisible if you use trend-based financial planning and modeling applications. Our cash flow forecasts will accurately predict a cash shortfall in a specific month. Making changes to the timing of an event, such as hiring, equipment purchases or cash inflow from a loan or an equity injection, is as simple as changing the date.

Real-time collaboration
One of the most useful features in Projected Financials is its ability to convey and share information interactively in real time. It will help you communicate your business vision more clearly. And it enables you to collaborate with investors, bankers and associates to improve the reliability of your cash flow forecast.

Multiple industry applications
Projected Financials is used by operating companies and those that lend to them, invest in them and consult with them. From startups to billion-dollar corporations, companies of all sizes find the combination of model integrity, customizability and in-depth analysis ideally suited to Cash Flow Planning. (Show me your customer industry list)

See for yourself. Click on Cash Flow for a guest account and to view free examples of our innovative financial planning software. Or call us at 800-525-6878 or 978-745-0863. We'll take you on a guided tour to show you how you can build more effective and realistic financial models faster.



许多客户使用财务规划软件制定未来现金流量模型,评价收购预案,分析战略决策的影响,评价并购方案,判断资本支出合理性。 他们也用这个软件为新产品研发和新投资作计划,以便和业务增长保持同步并筹集资本。


商业活动对于现金流量和盈利能力的影响通常发生在某一点,而不是随时间的流逝逐渐发生。 为了让你的模型更加符合实际,财务规划软件基于分散的事件构成项目。 这会给你一些颇有价值的见解。如果你使用以趋势为基础的财务规划和模型工具,这些有价值的见解通常很难得到。 我们的现金流量预测方法可以准确地预计在某个月份的现金短缺。 调整事件数据,如雇佣、购置设备或者贷款或股权增加引起的现金流入,就如同调整日期一样简单。


财务规划软件最实用的特征之一是它能够即时传递和分享信息。 它会帮助你更清晰地表达公司未来的前景。 而且它还会帮助你与投资者、银行家和合伙人协作,提高现金流量预测的可靠性。


财务规划软件被应用于许许多多的运营公司,以及相关的债权人、投资者和向他们征询信息的单位。 从刚起步的到资产数十亿的,各种规模的企业都可以发现财务规划软件的完整性、客户专业化和深度分析特征非常适合于制定现金流量计划。 (请展示你的客户列表)

请自己查阅。 点击现金流量按钮,申请游客帐户,观看我们财务规划软件的案例。 或者拨打800-525-6878978-745-0863。我们将向您展示如何快速制定有效、真实的财务模型.

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